This is a msg from a non muslim that i saw in one site and i loved:
I am not Muslim, but have quite a few Muslim friends and I know enough overall about this religion to know that it is based off of a peaceful nature and directs people towards being kindhearted. So, for those of you who disprove of what this woman is wearing I think it best if you yourself remember your religious values (or if you don't have a religion morals at least) before you start saying hateful things. Everyone has a right to express their opinion please just do it w/ class and kindness. My personal opinion is that this is a great message to spread to naive people who hate on this religion because it is linked to terrorist attacks (yet ignore the fact that all religions went wrong somewhere due to being used for justification of violent acts.) People who practice Islam are just like the rest of us they deserve a spot in the media and equal rights as well as the right to publicly support their beliefs.

quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

Holy War

Holy War ????????????????
Just to the general culture for those who want to know this term for holy war was the Catholic church has used for centuries and chased everything and everyone who had not Catholicism as a religion.
They called the other infidels and pagans even if these were Christian but not Catholic.
Massacred people, countries invaded, burned people especially women, destroyed everything they passed, etc. etc. etc..
Cultures, nations, empires, peoples ... were destroyed. With the support of the Vatican the largest empire the world, which existed for almost 1000 years was destroyed, Byzantine!

(holy war aimed to enrich the coffers of the Vatican, looting and robbing everyone where they passed in the name of God)

They took thousands of children to fight for Jerusalem.

In the Koran there are references to holy war but it refers to a war that each of us must wage within ourselves (as someone said, we are our biggest enemy) as it is, be a better person, to do battle against our own interiors demons etc.. But in no way means killing non-Muslims because Islam preaches tolerance between religions.

But it is clear that the extremists and radicals (noting that exist in any religion, race, culture, people ...) have their way of seeing differently.

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