This is a msg from a non muslim that i saw in one site and i loved:
I am not Muslim, but have quite a few Muslim friends and I know enough overall about this religion to know that it is based off of a peaceful nature and directs people towards being kindhearted. So, for those of you who disprove of what this woman is wearing I think it best if you yourself remember your religious values (or if you don't have a religion morals at least) before you start saying hateful things. Everyone has a right to express their opinion please just do it w/ class and kindness. My personal opinion is that this is a great message to spread to naive people who hate on this religion because it is linked to terrorist attacks (yet ignore the fact that all religions went wrong somewhere due to being used for justification of violent acts.) People who practice Islam are just like the rest of us they deserve a spot in the media and equal rights as well as the right to publicly support their beliefs.

quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

War crimes and crimes against humanity:

- 1st atomic bomb blast, New Mexico 1945.
  - Hiroshima and Nagasaki. August 1945
- Weapons sent to Georgia to attack Ossetia while everyone was sleeping
- Biological weapons, viruses, diseases ... starts and tested in Africa and other continents TILL today.
- September 11, inside job (U.S. Government)
- Madrid 2004, Metro Train bomb attack. (Internal govt. and US)
- London July 7, 2005, terrorist attack. (Internal govt. US.)
- Support for Israel in the chemical attack to a hospital in Palestine
.- Sale of weapons to Somalia's pirates and others.
- Guantanamo
-Iraq (attacked and destroyed)
- The confusion that reigned now (2011) in Arab countries. Fruit of hard work of the United States.
- Save Libia, save Egypt... Syria
- Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ... ...

Anyone ever will judge the responsible government for everything they've done, does and will do? Nop!

Terrorists?? Who are the terrorists?
The largest weapons company in the world belongs to?? 
They need to sell so they make terrorists and war.

Muslims are not terrorists. But of course there are the extremists, the radical, but in all religions they exist.
So why Muslims?

 1º The Government can not control the Muslims and this is bad because their purpose is to control and power over all.
2º The oil!
3º The arms industry.
    4º Big companies and corporations
other natural resources spread across these Arab countries and other countries as well.

There are other reasons but these are the key.
-How can not control these countries therefore can not control the oil. Just one country is the largest oil consumer in the world for decades!
 There is oil on this country soil. And have reserves. But does not export oil, or produces fuel that can sustain their consumption. Consume three quarters of world production. LoL i learned this at the school many years ago.

 -Who is the largest defense industry in the world and need to find reasons behind the reasons to stay in the Middle East in order to continue to sell arms to fight the terrorists....... and they need wars.

Almost all dictators are allies. When they no longer serve they are dead or deposed.

That's why there is a growing sentiment against some countries..
And the  people of that country can not understand why there is this anti-* sentiment, they do not know the reality.

(wink to some people)
Do not hide in your little and mediocre world  and do not judge anyone.
TV, media, newspaper. They are dangerous because they only show what they want you may see.
Pay attention the next time you see on TV  a bomb attack on an Arab / Muslim country and you will see completely normal people crying and screaming with fear and despair as YOU ARE  safely Sitting on your sofa!
And you hear the word terrorist, without ever looking at the people crying and suffering. And that is the overwhelming majority, and they have to live with this reality every day.

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