This is a msg from a non muslim that i saw in one site and i loved:
I am not Muslim, but have quite a few Muslim friends and I know enough overall about this religion to know that it is based off of a peaceful nature and directs people towards being kindhearted. So, for those of you who disprove of what this woman is wearing I think it best if you yourself remember your religious values (or if you don't have a religion morals at least) before you start saying hateful things. Everyone has a right to express their opinion please just do it w/ class and kindness. My personal opinion is that this is a great message to spread to naive people who hate on this religion because it is linked to terrorist attacks (yet ignore the fact that all religions went wrong somewhere due to being used for justification of violent acts.) People who practice Islam are just like the rest of us they deserve a spot in the media and equal rights as well as the right to publicly support their beliefs.

quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012


(embaixo em português)

"Mohamed Merah has explained that the victims were chosen at" random "and that the attacks were motivated by the prohibition of the use of full Islamic veil in public places in France, the French military presence in Afghanistan and the deaths of Palestinians by Israel . "

 1 What is that younger children have to do with it?

2 Someone asked him this kind of manifestation, for full veil? He uses veil? daaaa!
Women did not made peaceful demonstration? what the Jews and the children have to do with it???????? 
3 French military presence .....
what the Jews and the children have to do with it????????
4 Palestinians ...... After all how many countries he wants to save? ? Who asked
 If all people with problems begin each to manifest himself in this way we are doomed.

Have not enough man who opened fire on the camp of young people in Norway. 92 people died.
What they had to do with the problems of Anders Breivik Behring?

The problem is others will follow the example of these "solitary wolves". And minority groups may suffer from it, Gypsies, Africans, Muslims, geys, Asians, Latinos, Jews ...... Many others.
They should be punished severely to set an example to others who are thinking of doing the same.

Analyzing the facts now!:
The boy was 24 years old, escaped from a prison to 21!?? How? 21?!
The authorities knew of his past, knew where he lived, yet he was free to do what he wanted.
Why he surrendered if he wanted to do more attacks?
Very convenient he was killed after having surrendered, without judgment, without inquiring the facts, without clarifying things badly explained.
What a boy of 24 years has in mind? Nothing!
And being Algerian what he has to do  with pakistan,  afghanistan, Palestinians, and women who wear the veil in France? etc etc
In Alegeria women wear veil if they want, what that guy had to do with veil?

what the Jews and the children have to do with it????????

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(em português)

" Mohammed Merah terá explicado que as vítimas foram escolhidas de forma «aleatória» e que os ataques foram motivados pela proibição do uso do véu islâmico integral em locais públicos em França, pela presença militar francesa no Afeganistão e pelas mortes de palestinianos por parte de Israel."

‎1º O que é que as crinças têm haver com isso?
2º alguem pedio este tipo de manifestação pelo véu integral? Ele usa? daaaa! As mulheres já não fizeram manifestação pasifica?
3º Presença militar francesa..... o que os judeus e as crianças têm haver com isso?
4º palestinianos...... afinal quantos paises ele quer salvar? ?? Quem pedio? O individuo é mesmo um perturbado. sem duvida. Se todas as pessoas com problemas começarem a manifestar-se assim estamos mal.

Já não chega o Homem que abriu fogo contra acampamento de jovens na Noruega
92 pessoas morreram.
O que eles tinham haver com os problemas do Anders Behring Breivik

O problema é outros vão seguir o exemplo destes "lobos solitarios". E grupos minoritarios podem sofrer com isso, ciganos, africanos, muçulmanos, geys, asiaticos, latinos, judeus...... Muitos outros.  

 Eles devem ser punidos severamente para dar exemplo a outros que estão pensando em fazer o mesmo.

 Analisando agora os fatos!:
O rapaz tinha 24 anos, fugiu de uma prisão aos 21!??? Como? 21??!!!
As autoridades sabiam do passado dele, sabiam onde ele vivia e mesmo assim ele estava livre para fazer o que queria.
Porque é que ele se entregou se ele queria fazer mais atentados?
Muito conveniente ele ter sido morto depois de ter se entregado, sem julgamento, sem averiguarem os factos, sem esclarecer coisas mal explicadas.
O que um rapaz de 24 anos tem na cabeça? Nothing!
E o que ele sendo Algeriano tem haver com paquistão, afeganistão, palestinianos, e mulheres que usam véu na França? etc etc
Na Alegeria as mulheres usam veu se quiserem, o que aquele rapaz tinha haver com véu??


INDICE / INDEX!!!!!!!!! - To help here is a list of some topics of my Blog

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